About Panacea

About Us

Panacea Is

We are a team of people passionate about having fun and making jewelry. Panacea was founded on the principles of giving back, living outside of the box, and setting the trend.

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, our home office is where fashion meets innovation. Every day we strive to provide high quality and unique jewelry for our customers. Because life is too short to wear boring jewelry.



Vivian founded the Panacea brand from her lifelong passion of fashion, art and design. After studying at the University of Texas and A&M, Vivian began her career as a driven entrepreneur and designer. At the age of 22 Vivian crafted her first collection, and soon after launched the Panacea brand.

Utilizing the vibrant inspiration and materials of Thailand, Vivian has made Panacea to be the most unique jewelry brand in the industry today. Her love for family, travel and community has become the foundation of the Panacea brand and product.


Our Product

Panacea is jewelry for all – all women, all occasions, all ages and attitudes. We are owned, designed, and handcrafted by women, for women. For over a decade we have designed and manufactured affordable, fashion-forward, and handmade jewelry.

Panacea’s one-of-a-kind pieces are full of vibrant color, semi-precious stones and artistic design. With teams in Dallas, New York, Thailand, Panacea provides jewelry guaranteed to stand out and make a statement. So wear your Panacea jewelry with confidence, or just because it looks really, really good on you.